Node Gaming Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a computer and some games at home - why should I come here?
The Node offers you a place where you and 29 of your closest friends can play the latest games on hardware built specifically for gaming on a gigabit LAN or over the internet via our dedicated gaming connection. We also offer a socially interactive experience where friendly competition and teamwork are embraced. Why spend hours trying to set up a LAN (and all the problems that go along with it) at home when we're right here in the neighbourhood?

2. Can you tell me more about your "hardware built specifically for gaming"?
Absolutely! All of our computers are custom machines built especially for us. Selected features of the new units include Intel i5 quad-core processors, 8 GB RAM, nVidia GTX video cards, and Gigabit Ethernet connections. Our monitors are 25" Widescreen LCD and we feature Logitech gaming mice and keyboards. We have gaming machines pure and simple.

3. I don't really game, am I still welcome at The Node?
Absolutely. We offer printing services, Internet browsing, instant messaging and more. Stop by and see what The Node can do for you!

4. What games do you have?
We have a robust assortment of games from the newest PC games to a selection of older classics. See a short list of what we have here!

5. Are your games age-appropriate for my child?
All our games span a diverse range of ESRB ratings and we adhere strictly to these game ratings which means that your child will not be allowed to play age-inappropriate games. If you would like your child to be able to play games meant for an older audience simply fill out and return to us a parental consent form, available in-store or right here on the website.

6. Will my child be safe at your "arcade"?
Our LAN gaming centre is definitely not an arcade. We pride ourselves on our comfortably bright, clean, positive, and friendly atmosphere. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of drugs, alcohol or bullying. We strongly encourage parents to come down and see the store and talk to our staff to address any concerns you may have.

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